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When we return to our studio with hours of field recordings and a hard drive full of photos, it is time to get creative.

We want to share with you what we've experienced in the wild, even if you've never been to particular locations.

So we look for album titles and cover designs that bring the sounds to life. Plus the recordings themselves have to be auditioned, selected, meticulously cleaned up, edited and finally optimised for iPods and CD.

Here are the latest fruits of our labours.

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Honeyeaters Sing in an Outback Dawn

A complete dawn chorus from Australia's Sturt Desert, featuring a variety of honeyeater voices weaving together

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In the Refuge of a Fern Gully

Birdsong filters through mountain forest in Australia's eastern highlands.

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Karri and Jarrah

Flocks of nectar feeding lorikeets and honeyeaters run riot through the tall, flowering forests of southwest Australia.

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Khao Yai Rainforest

New! Occasional birdsong and a susuration of soft insects filters through the rainforest canopy of Khao Yai

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Morning at the Lutownia River

A single-take recording of a morning soundscape made near the Lutownia river in the Bialowieza primeval forest in Poland

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Morning Soundscapes from the Biebrza Marshes

A journey in sound through one of the last untamed river valleys in Europe – the Biebrza in Poland.

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Papuan Dawn

3 hour recording over dawn in the mountain rainforest of Papua New Guinea’s remote Huon peninsula.

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The Dancing Brolgas of Ooroolanie

New! Brolgas call among a fantastic diversity of birdlife attracted to an ephemeral wetland in the Australian outback

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The First Dawn

Africa - the cradle of humanity. This soundscape from the wooded edge of a seasonal lake may be little changed from what our ancestor's knew.

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The Gulf Country - Northern Australia

A spectacularly diverse morning of birdsong from the savannah grasslands of northern Australia

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The Last Wild Island - Tetepare

Primary rainforest echoes with rare and endemic birdsong on the tropical island of Tetepare

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The River Forest

New! Gentle morning birdsong and frogcalls from the river red gum forests of the Murray river

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