Single, Unedited Recordings

Long, single, unedited recordings are very special. They allow the listener to hear time passing at a natural pace.

This 'slow listening' is the way nature works. It reflects nature's pace of activity. And listening at nature's pace slows down our racing minds, allowing us to mentally rest and concentrate.

Each of these recordings has been made by simply placing microphones in a natural environment, and allowing them to capture the natural flow of events. One place, one time. Simple.

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The Monarchs of Tetepare

An ethereal choir of White-capped Monarchs sing serenely in the predawn on Tetepare Island.

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The First Week of Spring

Delicate birdsong fills a woodland in the first days of a European spring

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Beech Wood

Wood Pigeons, warblers and chaffinches are among the summer birdsong from a mature beech woodland in Britain.

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Pine Wood

In an old growth pine forest, the voices of Chaffinches, Goldcrests, Blackbird and Song Thrush welcome the spring.

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Oak Wood

The songs of Robins, Blackbird and Wood Pigeon are heard in a British old-growth Oak forest.

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Birch Wood

The melodious song of a Blackcap fills the summer air in a Swedish birch woodland.

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Frankincense Forest

Birdsong fills the scented air of an ancient grove of Frankincense trees.

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Budgerigar Country

Budgerigars, Cockatiels and Pink Cockatoos are heard in this extended, 'single-take' recording from the dry inland of Australia.

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Indian Woodland Birdsong

A perfect morning of birdsong from the Deccan woodlands of India.

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Shama Song

The White-rumped Shama has one of the most beautiful songs among the birds of Asia's forests.

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A Tropical Night

Nightsounds from a tropical forest in the small hours before dawn.

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Indian Jungle Dawn

A beautiful morning of birdsong unfolds in one of India's rare lowland forests.

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Moonlit Pebble Bay

Gentle waves wash into a sheltered bay under a rising moon.


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Forest Nocturne

Night falls in the forest, with distant owls and a chiming chorus of nocturnal insects.

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Misty River Dawn

Birdsong echoes over a tranquil river in the stillness of early dawn.

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