Tinnitus Relief

These recordings are very spacious and unchanging. They are primarily recommended for background listening, and are best played quietly.

They may especially be appropriate for those managing the symptoms of tinnitus, as they feature 'white noise' soundscapes. Professional audiologists recommend such broad-frequency sounds to mask the disturbing symptoms of tinnitus, particularly at night.

It is worth noting that as these recordings are from nature, and hence have an organic flow to them, as sounds ebb and flow, rise and fall. Hence they are likely to create a more natural - and we hope more beneficial - experience than mechanical 'white noise' generators.

These albums were developed in consultation with staff at Hearing Australia.

Note that insect sounds may be more appropriate if you have higher frequency tninitus.

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A Tropical Night

Nightsounds from a tropical forest in the small hours before dawn.

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An African Night

A hypnotic and gently pulsing chorus of night insects from the East African savannah.

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Coral Beach

Gentle waves wash ashore on a tropical island, with coral fragments tinkling in the backwash.

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Forest Nocturne

Night falls in the forest, with distant owls and a chiming chorus of nocturnal insects.

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Rain in the Forest

A gentle rainshower refreshes the forest.

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Surf, Beach & Shoreline

The timeless flow of the ocean, waves breaking on golden sands.

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Where the Jungle meets the Sea

Tropical island birdsong with the wash of waves on a coral shell beach.

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