Despite thousands of years of human history, wild nature is still to be found in secret corners of Europe.

Ancient woodlands, alpine pastures, the great boreal forests... iconic and sometimes primeval landscapes, infused with memory and myth.

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Beech Wood

Wood Pigeons, warblers and chaffinches are among the summer birdsong from a mature beech woodland in Britain.

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Birch Wood

The melodious song of a Blackcap fills the summer air in a Swedish birch woodland.

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Dawn Chorus

by Geoff Sample. In a northern England wood, the rich sonic tapestry of a spring dawn chorus builds gradually, before waning to a spacious symphony

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Dawn Chorus: Scandinavia

The delicate birdsong of this album evokes the renewel of the European spring.

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Echoes in a Secret Gorge

The sounds of ibex, snowcock, owls, swifts, choughs and sheep bells echo around a deep, hidden gorge in the Taurus Mountains in Turkey.

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Five Natural Pieces

by Veljo Runnel. Five soundscapes from Estonia, meditations on time and space in nature.

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Frankincense Forest

Birdsong fills the scented air of an ancient grove of Frankincense trees.

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Oak Wood

The songs of Robins, Blackbird and Wood Pigeon are heard in a British old-growth Oak forest.

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Pine Wood

In an old growth pine forest, the voices of Chaffinches, Goldcrests, Blackbird and Song Thrush welcome the spring.

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Song of the Blackbird

The melodious songs of Blackbirds ring out during a European spring dawn chorus.

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Taiga - Europe's Boreal Wilderness

Delicate birdsong and the distant murmur of wind and water drift across an elemental landscape.

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The First Week of Spring

Delicate birdsong fills a woodland in the first days of a European spring

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